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Chamber opera "α"
World première

Friday, April 20, 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.
Arts Printing House, Black Hall (Šiltadaržio str. 6)

"α" is a variation on the eternal theme of truth. The truth, the quest for which gives no peace to Isabel - the character in the opera who keeps looking for the burial place of her brother who died at the dawn of Second World War. The truth whose ambiguity disturbs both Isabel‘s mind and the motives of the opera stage directors. The truth whose knowledge is infused with guilt that is trapped inside the wheel of time, and whose beginning and end are as tangible as "the alpha and omega."

Isabel‘s story is also a variation on the topic of the fate of Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the most famous Spanish poets and playwrights of the 20th century. In "α", Isabella Garcia Lorca, Federico‘s sister, returns to Spain after many years of emigration to reveal the secrets of her brother‘s fate. The circumstances of the writer‘s death still remain blurred, while his burial place was thought to have been located in the vicinity of Alfacar town in Andalusia for some time.

The opera involves exploration of the challenges, as well as philosophical, historical and socio-political issues that reside in our self-perception. A unique story analyses social and cultural issues shaping the agenda of contemporary self-awareness by highlighting topics such as gender, minority politics, ideology, race and class.

Composer Albertas Navickas:
"I have devised the "α" score in admiration for flamenco melodies and the repetitive structures of minimalist music. The opera‘s rhythmic texture consists of two layers collated by the contrast principle: the constant, rhythmic pulse versus the "hovering" high-frequency ringing, as if giving voice to the uneasy silence. The actors are singing their parts in the background of these rhythmic structures, with the latter ranging from fussy recitative to heavily ornamented melodies. In the score, the vocal lines reflect in the accordion and guitar parties, which are often interlaid through vibrant electronics by creating, gradually, a thickening vertical of sounds."

Stage director GoraParasit:
"Not only it is an opera - it is a "comic-strip opera" about a female superhero who is fighting both supernatural and earthly demons, about her trials and struggles in the world. To me, the "α" opera resembles a set of pages - a comic book. The "α" opera is MEGA-feminine."

Librettist Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena
Composer Albertas Navickas
Stage director, set and costume designer GoraParasit
Video artist Oskaras Gudas (Miracles team)
Illustrator Edvinas Špetas
Sculptor Donatas Repeika
Choreographer (flamenco) Sandra Domingo
Lighting designer Povilas Laurinaitis
Sound director Julius Aglinskas
Translator Veronika Janatjeva
Assistant Akvilė Dubinskaitė
Assistant costume designer Patricija Minelgaitė

Performers: Nora Petročenko (mezzo-soprano), Nerijus Masevičius (bass-baritone), Ieva Savickaitė (actress), Pranas Kentra (electric guitar), Agnė Rimgailaitė (accordion), Monika Zenkevičiūtė (electronics)

Duration: 50 mins.

In Lithuanian with English surtitles.