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Audio play

15 April 2015, Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Black Hall, Arts Printing House (Šiltadaržio g. 6, Vilnius)

Script, music author and sound editor Arturas Bumšteinas
Sound director Ramūnas Jasutis
"Audiokaukas" was recorded in 2014-2015 at the incubator of the Audiovisual Arts Industry (AMII)
Lighting designer Julius Kuršys

Voice artists: Svetlana Bagdonaitė (Narrator), Birutė Mar (Narrator), Vytautas Tinteris (Denisas), Šarūnas Nakas (Apolonijus Polonskis), Irmantas Jankaitis (False Morel), Nick Bastis (Alien, US), Aapo Nikkanen (Alien, Finland), Žilvinas Andriušis (Bookbinder), Armantas Gečiauskas (Ambassador), Mikas Žukauskas (Interpreter), Karina Metrikytė (Radio anchor), Audrius Pocius (Friend), Marija Rasa Kudabaitė (Girl), Vidmina Stasiulytė (Girl), Aušrinė Benedikt (Girl), Ieva Rojūtė (Waitress), Ieva Malikėnaitė (Waitress), Šalnė Bučiūtė (Cita), Benas Šarka (Special sound effects)

Music performers: Gailė Griciūtė (prepared piano), Arnas Mikalkėnas (accordion), Eglė Janauskaitė (fleita), Dovydas Stalmokas (saxophone), Dominykas Vyšniauskas (trumpet), Laimonas Masevičius (tuba), Tadas Žukauskas (violin), Kęstutis Pleita (viola)

The audio performance "Audiokaukas" by Arturas Bumšteinas, a young Lithuanian composer (b. 1982) was inspired by books published by Eridanas Publishers in the Science Fiction Gold Fund Series and the programme "Videokaukas" broadcast on Lithuanian TV in 1990. The author of the performance devoted several years to the reading of books from the series and watched the films demonstrated in the programme "Videokaukas". He drew the inspiration for the script from over more than a hundred books read and films watched.

The script of the "Audiokaukas" is a peculiar concentrate of fantasy literature in the form of a story combined by collage. It is an episode of several days and nights in the life of a young talented chef, Denisas. At the beginning the protagonist's everyday life is depicted in fragments his extrovert, hedonistic character (Denisas = Gr. Dionysos). The defining moment in the story is when Denisas, cooking one of his dishes, suffered food poisoning caused by false morel (Lat. Gyromitra esculenta). Further on in the story, the effects of poisoning do not appear at once; they are slowly disclosed to the audience.

Reading a science fantasy book Denisas unawares finds himself in the world described in the text and experiences events depicted there. He is awakened from his hallucinatory trip by a telephone call. The anchor of a radio talk show invites Denisas to take part in it. He agrees and brings to the live broadcast a collage made up of extracts from a hundred science fiction books, which he introduces as his cookery book that he has being writing lately. He reads extracts from his "book" and is transferred again to the world of hallucinations, this time with all the radio talk show listeners. These "transportations to the fantasy world" are descriptions of various creatures and their interactions with the protagonist woven from small text extracts by the composer Arturas Bumšteinas. Denisas' cookery book text touches upon the subject of consumerism and aggressive exploitation of diferent forms of life.

Another "Audiokaukas" personage, Denisas' antagonist, is the composer Apolonijus Polonskis whose voice over the radio accompanies the protagonist throughout the performance. Polonskis is an acousmatic creature without a physical body that flourishes in acoustic space; its voice is accompanied all the time chamber music allegedly written by Polonskis (Bumšteinas composed it according to the descriptions of sounds from the fantasy books).
Although the performance consists of two hallucinatory "trips", one of which is vegetarian, the other - carnivorous type; the play does not pursue any vegetarian-didactic goals. Rather, this is the first attempt in the history of music art to get acquainted with the exo culinary issue audially.

A 13'44 long excerpt from the "Audiokaukas" was included in the double CD "Pole Reports from Space" released in 2014 by Bôłt Records for sound tracks of science fiction and contemporary interpretations in Eastern Europe. It also includes music by Krzysztof Penderecki, Edward Artemiev, Eugeniusz Rudnik, Zdeněk Liška and other composers.

You may use my recording in the "Audiokaukas", but we will not be friends any more.
Vytautas Tinteris, performer of the main role

Gyromitra esculenta - the brain and testes in one!
Arturas Bumšteinas, author of the script and music, audio editor

90' (without an interval), theatre version.
Two parts 45' each, radio version.

Instructions for spectators
The Black Hall of the Arts Printing House will become a rest and relaxation zone with a play broadcast in surround sound. After the play the listeners will be offered false morel risotto, specially prepared for the event.

The play contains audio erotic scenes not recommended for the minors. 
People who do not tolerate the chemical gyromitrin in false morel are advised not to eat the dish to avoid food

€10 (available at TIKETA)