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CONSOLIUM 3000 (Lithuania)
Audiovisual Project after the music of videogames

18 April 2015, Saturday, 6:00 and 8:00 pm
Amphitheatre Hall, Planetarium (Konstitucijos pr. 12a, Vilnius)

Idea, composer-arranger Mykolas Natalevičius
Composer-arranger Tadas Dailyda
Director and video artist Mikas Žukauskas
Conductor Martynas Stakionis
Lighting designer Julius Kuršys

Music performers: Ugnė Čepulytė (flute), Olivija Popovaitė (oboe), Rimvydas Savickas (clarinet), Arūnas Mikoliūnas (bassoon), Laimonas Bilevičius (midi-drums), Gabija Rimkutė (keyboards), Silvija Vaitkevičiūtė (violin), Diemantė Merkevičiūtė (violin), Barbora Butvydaitė (viola), Dominykas Digimas (cello), Tadas Žukauskas (bass guitar)

A pizza swallowed a ghost; a plumber who ate some mushrooms struck his head against a brick wall looking for money there; an angry Japanese man beat a pretty girl called Sonya. The colleagues who saw it decided to hold a consi(o)lium.

The audiovisual project Consolium 3000 was inspired by eight-sixteen-bits video games. Music of old video games adapted for an electro acoustic orchestra was used, framed by original audio and video pieces. There are themes form the famous 20th century video games "Super Mario", "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Contra", "Streets of Rage", and "Mortal Kombat". The fights in 20th century video games will become the sounds of the 21st century.

The appearance of the first games is closely connected with the military and space industries, when during the years of the Cold Year governments of various countries employed in these industries a large force of scientists, experts of cybernetics and other specialists. Programmers with a more pacifist frame of mind employing the infrastructure of the industry experimented with the first computers and their components and created the first games, which became part of mass entertainment culture in the 1970s.

Classical things does not get old.
Mykolas Natalevičius, author of the idea, composer-arranger

While the violins and cello played, Liu-Keng tore off Khan's head and threw it onto the cobblestones. The bassoon played and Mario appeared!
Mikas Žukauskas, director, video artist


60‘ (no intermission).

The project can contain scene of violence (N-7 or N-12).

Following the 8:00 pm project presentation at the Planetarium Cafe a meeting with the project creative group will take place. It will be moderated by theatre critic Vlada Kalpokaitė and musicologist Veronika Janatjeva.

€10 (available at TIKETA)