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Marathon of the presentation of art projects ideas

19 April 2015, Sunday, 6:00 pm
Pocket Hall, Arts Printing House (Šiltadaržio g. 6, Vilnius)

The NOA Festival, operating as a live creative experiments laboratory of young artists since 2008 in order to activate its activities, discover new names, support creative ideas born here and now, to initiate multisided creative and organisational cooperation, to "infect the new creative blood with "opera maniac" virus are organizing Pitching on 19 April 2015 at 6:00 pm in the Pocket Hall of the Arts Printing House.

Independent artists and creative groups who would like to produce an original contemporary opera, music theatre or interdisciplinary art projects and are looking for the likeminded co-authors/partners/consultants, producers and others are invited to take part in the presentation of this art projects forum.

Those who wish to participate in the presentation of concepts need fill in a Pitching participant's questionnaire (click here) until 27 March 2015 and wait for an answer. The selected participants will receive support and individual consultations while getting ready for the presentation of the project idea. It is planned to invite artists, members of the Operomanija community, art organisations, and representatives of other festivals to observe the Pitching. Participation in the NOA Pitching can open up new vistas for the realisation of your plans. Some projects may be offered producer services of the Operomanija (also maybe other organisations?).

If hearing the word "Pitching", you cannot even imagine what that is it does not mean that you cannot participate in this event. Let's put it simply: here you can introduce your craziest idea and even find associates. Just think: you will not have to make endless calls, send messages, put up announcements and address strangers on the streets. It is healthier, more interesting and effective in all respects to take part in the marathon of the presentation of art projects.
Vlada Kalpokaitė, theatre critic, Pitching moderator

Technical conditions
On 19 April 2015 the authors of the creative ideas who will take part in the NOA Festival Pitching will get the chance to use multimedia equipment, the floor space of the Pocket Hall of Arts printing House and the equipment located in this space.

Every participant will have five minutes for the concept presentation and two minutes for a Q&A marathon.

Theatre critic Vlada Kalpokaitė and musicologist Veronika Janatjeva will moderate the presentation of art projects ideas.