The opera SKYLĖ is a story about parallel worlds, lives lived in parallel, being that never comes into contact, existence of the individual, the development and thriving of his inner world and about shock - anomaly and the supernatural, limits of apprehension and the infinity of the world...

The chamber cast of the opera consists of 8 performers - 8 characters, each one of which is at the same time an instrumentalist, an artist, a singer, an actor and a dancer. In the course of the opera each of them transforms himself, "switches" spaces and experiences changes over and over. Only the three main characters remain "themselves" through the whole of the opera - these are symbols of different worlds that have their own space and sounds.

In it's spirit of scenic image and drama SKYLĖ is close to a multimedia or a musical installation. In the traditional sense, the opera consists of 7 scenes, but the story is integrated not by a plot, but by scenic-musical "impulses", messages to the audience, speaking of things very important, integrating which will allow everyone to individually understand what this opera speaks about.


Libretist Gabrielė LABANAUSKAITĖ


Director Marija Simona ŠIMULYNAITĖ

Scenographer Milda LEMBERTAITĖ

Costume designer Gabrielė ŠAULYTĖ

Video projections by Rūta VITKAUSKAITĖ



Joana - Agnė SABULYTĖ, mezzo-sopranas

Marta - Rita MAČILIŪNAITĖ, mezzo-soprano, percussion

Jonas - Jonas SAKALAUSKAS, baritone, electric guitar 


Other characters on stage:

Wall I - Marija KALVELYTĖ, metallophone, percussion, voice

Wall II - Albertas NAVICKAS, metallophone, percussion, voice

Wall III - Marija GRIKEVIČIŪTĖ, double-bass, percussion, voice

Wall IV - Mihai SOROHAN, trumpet, percussion, voice

Wall V - Justinas MAČYS, flute, percussion, voice 

Duration - 60 mins