Production of contemporary opera company Ooppera Skaala

Alan Turing (1912-1954) was a British mathematician who changed history. First and foremost he is famous for creating a machine that deciphered the code Nazis used during WWII, thus contributing to the victory of the Allied side. However, Turing had visions that far surpassed this one. Already in 1930, he developed the conception of a universal machine that laid the foundations of the computer revolution. In 1945, he became the first one to create an image of the electronic computer. But Turing's main goal was to understand the mind in scientific terms, which is highlighted by his famous dramatic and premeditated Turing Test of artificial intelligence and his predictions for the XXIst century.

Alan Turing's name does not appear in the battle arena of the world or in relation with leading technological innovations only. He was also a wrongfully incriminated and explicit homosexual who tried to live in a society that prosecuted him. In 1952 he confessed his homosexuality and was forced to take part in a humiliating treatment programme after which he was always seen as a dubious person. His suicide in 1954 remains another secret of his fabulous life.

The Turing Machine is a new multimedia opera written by Eeppi Ursin and Visa Oscar. The musical part of the opera is mostly composed of live electronics, real time sampling of new and old material. The libretto was written by Taina Seitovirta and is based on TURING, a play by Miko Jaakkola and Jussi Lehtonen (2000), which tells the story of an exceptionally talented and complicated person - Alan Turing. 3D visualizations and digital scenography for Turing Machine was created by Merja Nieminen and the Crucible Studio team.


Libretist Taina SEITOVIRTA, based on Turing by Miko JAAKKOLA and JUSSI LEHTONEN

Composers Eeppi URSIN and Visa OSCAR

Director Janne LEHMUSVUO

Video projections by Merja NIEMINEN

Lighting artist Harri PELTONEN

Sound director Santtu SIPILA

Costume designer Tyra THERMAN

Make-up artist Kukka SILIUS



Alan Turing - Juha HOSTIKKA, tenor

John, Chris, Joan, Arnold, the judge - Mia HEIKKINEN, soprano

Thomas FREUNDLICH, dancer

Euppi URSIN, vocoder

Visa OSCAR, programming


Première - 28 March, 2008, Helsinki Korjaamo Teatteri

Duration - 60 mins